Version 3.1.6¶

September 28, 2017


  • Hostgroup-Host-Current-Health: This report now works properly.

  • Poller-Performances: The number of monitored services is now correct for a non-central poller.

  • Hostgroup-availability-2: Host alert and availablity appears correctly in the table on a second page.

  • VMWare-Cluster-Performances-1: Memory information is now readable when usage is < 50%.

  • Hostgroup-Graph: The table of contents no longer displays IDs instead of names.


  • Optimisation: In some environments, the calculation function took too long, so we disabled it. It has since been optimized.

  • Fix: It is now possible to calculate the same percentile value for differents time periods.


  • You can now monitor the number of jobs in a Fail state.