Version 3.2.0

July 2018

New features

  • To determine the reliability and maintainability of your applications or ressources use our 3 new Centreon MBI widgets :

  • You can track a performance indicator in detail and extract the top/Bottom X for average, minimum or maximum usage over a defined reporting period by using the new Hostgroups Metric Performance top X widget.

  • To avoid storing generated reports and files indefinitely, you can now automatically delete them after X months.

  • You can track the performance of a virtual machine by using the new “VMWare-Vm-Performance-List” report, which provides detailed statistics on the virtual machine’s performance (memory, CPU, IOPS).

  • New reports have been added to help you classify your data and ensure that your configuration is correct.

  • Report: Hosts-not-classified provides the list of hosts that are not linked to any category.

  • Report: Services-not-classified provides the list of services that are not linked to any category.


  • Business Activities report: You are now able to force a specific time period or use the default.

  • The Multiselect parameter in a job configuration has been optimized so that the interface does not freeze when displaying, selecting or saving a large number of metrics.

  • The diagnostic script has been improved to gather more information about Centreon MBI usage.

  • The MariaDB connector has been updated.


  • Scheduler: Temporary files can now be deleted after each generation.

  • An empty footer in a mail publication rule no longer prevents the mail from being sent.

  • ETL: Non-standard MySQL sockets can now be managed.

  • Data retention: You can now delete large numbers of services.

  • Report: The Hostgroup-storage-capacity-2 has been fixed to display a list in the wrong order (e.g., a sequence of months).

  • Report: The bv-ba-availabilities-list and “Focus on availability & alerts” component in the BV-BA-Availabilities-1 can now exclude the dateEnd.

Software compatibility



Centreon Web

>= 2.8.0


>= 1.8.0

BIRT (only for reports dev.)


To use BAM reporting:



Centreon BAM

>= 3.0.0

Centreon Broker

>= 2.8.0