Business Application MTBF & MTRS

This widget only works with Centreon BAM data.


This widget provides information on the reliability (MTBF) and maintenability (MTRS) of your critical IT services and applications, represented in Centreon BAM. Additional information such as current status, availability, number of events or last state change are also provided to help in decision-making. Data is shown as a top N aggregate statistic.

  • MTBF (mean time between failures) represents the average duration between two DOWN states. The longer the duration, the more reliable the host.

  • MTRS (mean time to restore service) is the average duration between two failures. Hosts with good maintainability have a short MTRS.



Menu description

  • Select an application: Select a business view. If left empty, this field retrieves all BAs (filtered by the ACLs).

  • Number of business activities to display.

  • Select the reporting period.

  • Order By: Sort the result by MTBF or MTRS.

  • Type the name of the reporting period you want to use (has to be calculated by Centreon MBI): Make sure the reporting period must be preconfigured in MBI: If this field is left empty the default reporting time period for each BA applies.

  • Display XXXXX: Shows or hides the specified columns.

  • Refresh Interval (seconds): Sets automatic refresh time for widgets.