Centreon Broker 18.10.2

Bug fixes

Escape backslash in JSON encoding/decoding functions

In previous versions backslash was not handled as a special character leading to invalid JSON encoding and decoding.

Return an error in Lua perfdata parsing function

Before this fix when we were calling parse_perfdata with an invalid perf string, the lua was not working.


Send event when poller is unresponsive

A new event named responsive_instance was added. This is especially useful for Centreon Map.

Support centreon systemd service

The cbd service is now wanted by the centreon service.

Centreon Broker 18.10.1

Bug fixes

Stream connector cache

The cache containing bam objects was always empty.


Stream connector default path

Now, it is possible to split a stream connector into several files if they are stored in the same directory. The global path and cpath are modified to also contained the main script directory.

Stream connector new function

The Lua broker namespace contains a new function parse_perfdata to parse perfdata.