Centreon Broker 2.4

What’s new

Improve buffer management

To limit memory usage, you can use new buffer type, name “temporary” to store data on the hard disk. This feature is very usefull when you have many data in retention file.

Manage RRD graph

Centreon-Broker provide some new features to manage RRD graph

  • Disable status graph to save I/O

  • Rebuild graph with database history (like centstorage)

  • Remove metrics (like centstorage)

New configuration check tool

You can check Centreon-Broker configuration from the command line with ‘-c’ option.

File module

Now you can split output into multiple files.

Stats module

Some informations are now available with the stats module

  • The current queued events number

  • The read offset in files

Important notes

  • Make sure to stop or restart Centreon-Broker with the init script. Otherwise, possible issues can arise if Centreon-Broker is not shutdown properly.

  • Centreon-Broker checks the database integrity, if for some reason your database was corrupted, Centreon-Broker will stop sending data into the database and put these data into failover output instead.