Centreon Broker 2.5

What’s new

BBDO protocol

The new BBDO (Broker Binary Data Objects) is a protocol especially designed for performance. It is a lightweight transmission protocol with feature negotiation (encryption and/or compression).

Retention time per RRD

It is now possible to specify a retention length per metric file.

Range thresholds

Centreon Broker now properly handle range thresholds (ie. @42:84).

New encryption module

Brand new encryption module based on GNU TLS.

Optimized insertion in data_bin

Use a multi-value insertion statement in the data_bin table to optimize data insertion and avoid frequent table locking.

Event acknowledgement for DB

Events are now acknowledged when inserted in database. This prevent missing entries in case of database crash/shutdown/unreachability.

Option to create entries in index_data

The new parameter insert_in_index_data of storage endpoints allows to have a standalone (without Centreon) graph generation system. Use with caution.

Diagnostic tool

A diagnostic-file generation mechanism used to speed up handling of incidents at Merethis’ support center.

Important notes

  • Centreon Broker 2.5 works with Centreon 2.4.5 and next version. Centreon 2.4.5 provide new database schema required by Centreon Broker 2.5.

  • Make sure to stop or restart Centreon-Broker with the init script. Otherwise, possible issues can arise if Centreon-Broker is not shutdown properly.

  • Centreon-Broker checks the database integrity, if for some reason your database was corrupted, Centreon-Broker will stop sending data into the database and put these data into failover output instead.