Centreon Broker 2.6

What’s new

One Peer Retention Mode

Within highly secured IT infrastructures, it is sometimes necessary to control who initiates the connection between a server and a poller. The One Peer Retention Mode features, allows you to connect to the poller from the server with retention enabled.

Event Filtering

The new filtering feature of Centreon Broker allows you to filter events that can be emmitted or received by each endpoint. This can significantly reduce the network traffic.

Fast RRD creation

Centreon Broker integrates a new RRD creation feature based on templates (reference files). This heavily reduces the I/O burden caused by many RRD files creation.

More statistics

When engaged in a retention process, Centreon Broker now provides an estimate of arrival time and max size used on disk.

Important notes

  • Centreon Broker 2.6 works with Centreon 2.5.0 and above. Centreon 2.5.0 provides a new database schema required by Centreon Broker 2.6.0.

  • Make sure to stop or restart Centreon Broker and Centreon Engine before upgrading. No retention file should exist as BBDO protocol versions are not compatible.