Centreon Broker 2.9

What’s new

Reporting computation

In Centreon BAM, reporting is computed by Centreon Broker. In the last version, When an alerts is longer than a day, the alerts number can be wrong. Now this function is operating normaly.


An optimization has been made for the processus that update metrics table in centreon_storage database. Now entries are updated only if the value of the metric and all parameters are differents that the previous state. This behavior improves the database use.

Unix socket not supported anymore

This version of Centreon Broker removes the support of Unix socket for communications between all broker modules and daemons. Regarding our statistics, Unix socket is not used by an enough representative part of users. So we decided to remove this function.

Important notes

  • Centreon Broker 2.9.2 fixes a memory leak introduced in Centreon Broker 2.8.0. All users are strongly advised to upgrade.

  • Centreon Broker 2.9.2 fixes an issue with KPI processing for BAM users. This regression was introduced by the 2.9.1 release.