Centreon Broker 3.0.15


Socket state retrieval in lua module

A new method get_state() is added to the broker_socket to check the connection state.

Centreon Broker 3.0.14

Bug fixes

BAM segfault

Sometimes, it was possible that Broker crashes while it was applying a new BAM configuration. This could be seen particularly when the ressource attached to a kpi was disabled.


Lua module

The Lua module provides new cache methods to access to index mappings, instance names and metric mappings.

Centreon Broker 3.0.13

What’s new

New Lua module

This module exposes a part of Centreon Broker API through the Lua interpreter and the user has just to fill it with his needs. Lua versions supported are 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3.

Centreon Broker 3.0.12

Bug fixes

Escape dots in Graphite

Dot (.) is a special character in Graphite. For this reason it is now replaced by an underscore (_).

Correct default connection port for InfluxDB

The default connection port used by InfluxDB endpoints was improperly set. Now its default value is set to 8086.

Delete unused queue files

All TCP connections, even transient, use at least an (empty) queue file that remains on disk. Such files are now deleted on connection termination.

Centreon Broker 3.0.11

Bug fixes

Properly build graphs when interval length is not default

The interval length property was always assumed to be 60 seconds. This prevented graphs to be correctly built when using the non-default interval length (usually 1 second).

Do not crash when log files does not have correct permissions

Self explanatory.

Rewrite compression/decompression functions

Instead of using Qt’s interface to compress/uncompress, Centreon Broker now uses zlib directly. This notably prevents crashes on CentOS 6 when uncompressing corrupted files.

Centreon Broker 3.0.10

Bug fixes

Graph rebuild cancellation

In previous versions, Centreon Broker kept a cache of all hosts and services needed to be rebuilt. However such operations are slow and in some cases operators might want to cancel ongoing rebuild. In this version each host and service is treated individually. Therefore upon cancellation rebuild will stop after the current host or service has been rebuilt.

Flag graphs when rebuilding

Flag graphs as rebuilding upon processing. This was caused by uncommitted SQL transactions.

Properly process downtimes sent simultaneously on same host/service

Downtimes same at the same time on the same host/service where improperly processed and were not stored in database.

Performance improvement for transaction-based endpoints

This fix reduces thread contention on a single mutex when using transactions. The two most typical cases are the real-time monitoring (SQL) and performance data graphing (storage) endpoints.

Centreon Broker 3.0.9

Bug fixes

Restore multi-value insertion in data_bin

In the 3.0.4 release of Centreon Broker, we introduced prepared statements for insertion in the data_bin and logs table. In large setups this change significantly reduced performances. For this reason we reverted the changes for the data_bin table and we are now using multi-values insertions.

Fix downtime inheritance on multi-level BA trees

With the BAM module, downtime inheritance was not working properly on BA which had other BAs as KPIs.


Reduce RRD size

The second RRA is now used to aggregate values by the hour, only if needed.

Centreon Broker 3.0.8

Bug fixes

InfluxDB Line Protocol escape schemes

InfluxDB Line Protocol use various escaping schemes that depends on the query components. All escaping schemes are now implemented.

Improve decompression performance

Previously the decompression buffer was always modified after the successful decompression of a single event leading to many useless buffer reallocations. Data is now discarded only when the entire decompression buffer is processed.

Fix random data corruption

BBDO streams poorly handled stream timeout, which could occured at any time due to network latency. This lead to random data corruption, most serious cases reporting real-time monitoring breakage.

Centreon Broker 3.0.7

Bug fixes

Fix file percent processed

The computation of file percent processed as provided in the statistics file was invalid.

libgcrypt library issues when using GNU TLS 3

Starting with its 3.0 version, GNU TLS does not use libgcrypt as cryptographic backend anymore. Therefore libgcrypt initialization was unnecessary in such cases.

Centreon Broker 3.0.6

Bug fixes

Do not allow write filters on inputs

The consequence of setting filters on inputs was that event loop could occur. In this release, inputs can only one way of filters, therefore preventing event loops.

Retention file hardening

Some users reported issues with retention files. In this release the most important classes managing retention files were refactored and unit tested.

Fix inherited BA downtimes on non-default instance

In previous versions BA downtime inheritance only worked with the default Centreon instance created during installation (with ID 1). In some cases (recreated instance, Poller Display) the instance ID was not 1 and prevented BA downtime inheritance from working.

Detect metrics without valid value

Metrics without value, in improperly formatted performance data, were inserted in data_bin with a 0 value, polluting the table.

Do not attempt to acknowledge more events than available

The storage engine was sometimes generating error logs with the message “attempt to acknowledge more events than available”.

Centreon Broker 3.0.5

Bug fixes

Fix a crash by memory corruption

In some cases, the current pointer to the next in-memory event to process can be corrupted. On high-volume platforms this usually leads to crashes within minutes.

Correct duplicate BA event durations

This was caused by an invalid UPDATE query so the BA event durations were always inserted. The consequence was that UNIQUE keys were triggered and lead to duplicate errors.

Centreon Broker 3.0.4

Bug fixes

BA availabilities with non-standard timeperiods

Availabilities were improperly computed when linked to non-standard timeperiods (exceptions, exclusions, templates, …).

Use prepared statements on logs and data_bin

Starting with Centreon 2.8, the default storage engine for the logs and data_bin tables is now InnoDB. To improve performances with this storage engine, the query system now use prepared statements and transactions to insert data in these tables.

Invalid event acknowledgement

Events read from cache/retention files were improperly acknowledged. This means that in case of failure following a successful reading of the file events could be lost. Now events are only acknowledged once processing is confirmed.

Downtimes not deleted if not started

The cancellation flag of the downtimes table was not set if a downtime was deleted before it started.

Fix data insertion in InfluxDB databases

The InfluxDB was incorrectly inserting data in database for at least three different reasons : invalid timestamp format, wrong HTTP status code check and quoted tags. This is now fixed.

Reconnect when using one peer retention mode

A bug in the TCP layer prevented one peer retention mode connections to reconnect.

Centreon Broker 3.0.3

Bug fixes

Non-OK statuses in BAM expressions were always considered as OK

Non-OK statuses in BAM expressions (such as {CRITICAL}) were always treated as OKs by the BAM computation engine. Therefore most expressions using non-OK stasuses were improperly evaluated and sometimes trigger BA impacts that were not justified.

Use non-standard path in watchdog

The watchdog was always using /usr/sbin/cbd to run the Centreon Broker daemon. This was not aligned with the build variable WITH_PREFIX_BIN. This should help users of Debian-based distributions in their manual installations.

Centreon Broker 3.0.2

Bug fixes

Cleanup service events after host deletion

This fix was introduced along Centreon Engine 1.6.2. It allows service events to be properly cleaned up after host deletion.

Asynchronous host/service cleanup

The SQL cleanup thread contained an invalid query that prevented hosts and services tables to be cleaned up properly.

Centreon Broker 3.0.1

What’s new

Immediate shutdown

Now even in case of heavy load Centreon Broker will shutdown in seconds instead of multiple minutes in some circumstances.

Automatic data retention

Centreon Broker fully handle data retention on its own. Configuration is very limited : a cache directory and a watermark limit.

JSON statistics

For better programatic use of Centreon Broker statistics, these information are now written in JSON.

Compatibility with Centreon Engine 1.6

Centreon Engine 1.6 introduces technical changes needed by Centreon Broker 3 and is therefore not compatible with the earlier releases of Centreon Engine.

Dropped support of NDO protocol

The NDO protocol is no longer supported by Centreon Broker. Please use the BBDO protocol instead, which is far better (lower network footprint, automatic compression and encryption).