Centreon Engine 1.5.2

Bugs fixed

Crash when reloading escalation configuration

In some cases, the configuration reload mechanism can lead Centreon Engine to crash. This was caused by invalid links in the escalation objects that were accessed before relinking occured.

Centreon Engine 1.5.1

Bugs fixed

Missing HOSTID and SERVICEID macros

When developing the 1.5.0 release of Centreon Engine, Centreon ID were promoted to full-class configuration variables. This effectively removed them from the list of available macros. This release restore them.

Wrong latency after first startup

The latency of newly created objects can be wrongly calculated in rare situations where the smart scheduling mode is not used.

Centreon Engine 1.5.0

What’s new

Timezone support

Hosts, services and contacts can now have a timezone. All time periods applied to these objects will be computed regarding their timeperiod.

Webservice module removal

The webservice module has now been removed from Centreon Engine.

Direct Centreon ID support

Most important objects can now have their Centreon ID directly set through a configuration directive. This change will reduce support code needed in Centreon Broker and provide more performance in this piece of software. However as a consequence of this change, Centreon Engine 1.5 requires at least Centreon Broker 2.11.

Failure prediction removal

The failure prediction configuration directives are now totally deprecated. This system inherited from Nagios never worked as intended. Only configuration fields were set in structures and this code was removed in this release.