Centreon Engine 1.6.2

Bug fixes

Crash when reloading escalation configuration

In some cases, the configuration reload mechanism can lead Centreon Engine to crash. This was caused by invalid links in the escalation objects that were accessed before relinking occured.

Centreon Engine 1.6.1

What’s new

Recovery notification delay

A new configuration variable is introduced on hosts and services to delay recovery notification. The recovery notification delay property defines a duration below which no recovery notification will be sent for the affected host or service. This helps to reduce the number of transient issues.

Timezone macros

Objects’ timezones are now available through the HOSTTIMEZONE, SERVICETIMEZONE and CONTACTTIMEZONE macros for hosts, services and contacts respectively.

Code cleanup

As Centreon Engine became performant enough, all caching files inherited from the original software became unnecessary. Support code for these cache files was removed in this release.

Bug fixes

Additive inheritance

Additive inheritance was not always working according to documentation. This release make the documentation and the real software behavior match.