Centreon Engine 1.7.2


Improve configuration loading time

In the configuration resolution phase, the object lookup mechanism was mostly based on object iteration (ie. O(n)). This was replaced by key-based lookup (either O(1) or O(ln n), based on searched object type).

Centreon Engine 1.7.1

Bug fixes

Reduce module reloading failure severity

In previous versions, Centreon Engine complained when not being able to reload one of its module with an Error message. The severity was reduce to what it really is, a Warning.

Set default auto-rescheduling interval to one hour

When activated, auto-rescheduling places service checks in an even manner. However by default the auto-rescheduling routine was run every 30 seconds, which could lead in the most extreme cases in the same service being executed every 30 seconds. The default interval is now set to one hour.

Remove notification warnings if notification is not enabled

Warnings about notification misconfiguration are now removed if notification is not enabled on the target host or service.

Centreon Engine 1.7.0

What’s new

Rewritten timeperiods

The timeperiod code was heavily modified to be more robust and handle more edge cases such as DST changes or timeperiods that span between two years. Unit tests ensure that these edge cases work properly.