Centreon Engine 19.10.16

Bug Fix

Recovery notifications

Recovery notifications are no more sent to all users if they don’t have been notified before.

last service notification

Last Service Notification set when state is HARD without notification. This new version fixes this point.

Centreon Engine 19.10.15

Bug Fix

problem_id macro

It was buggy on hosts and on services. This new version fixes this point.

Centreon Engine 19.10.14

Bug fixes

Macros badly replaced

Host macros that contain numbers and several global macros were badly replaced. This version fixes those issues.

Centreon Engine 19.10.13

Bug fixes

Centreon connectors timeout

The timeout applied on checks execute by connectors were shorter than the timeout passed as parameter (near of 1s of difference). To fix this, timeouts are checked as milliseconds values now (more accurate) and the good duration is considered by connectors.

Volatile services and notifications

This version of Engine fixes the following behabiour: if a service is volatile, configured to send normal notifications. It won’t send anymore them if it is in downtime.

Centreon Engine 19.10.12

Bug fixes

Service checks

Multiline service check outputs were badly parsed and this lead to corruptions of status.dat/retention.dat files.

Downtimes removal

One dontime could be removed during the removal of an other downtime.

XXX_SERVICEGROUP_XXX external commands

XXX_SERVICEGROUP_XXX external commands were buggy. They take one servicegroup name as argument, it was resolved as a service name and not as a service group name.

Centreon Engine 19.10.11

Bug fixes

Downtime cancellation was buggy

The downtime cancellation is fixed now.

Incoherence between hard and soft state types

A service could be in a hard state and the duration was not filled. Sometimes, it could also be the reverse. This is fixed and now displayed informations about soft/hard should be coherent.


Some global macros like TOTALHOST* and TOTALSERVICES were replaced by empty strings instead of numeric values.

Centreon Engine 19.10.10

Bug fixes

stalk options on services

Stalk options were changed on modified services when engine was reload or restarted.

Perfdata truncated when read from retention

values containing a ‘;’ character were truncated when read from the retention file. This new release fixes this issue.

Centreon Engine 19.10.9

Bug fixes

Notifications on volatile services

On a volatile service, if notifications are disabled, it should not send notifications.

Recovery notifications must be sent even after an acknowledgement

With the new notifications implementation, this behaviour had been changed. This new version reset this functionality as users expect it to work.

External Command CHANGE_CUSTOM_X_VAR was not working

A bug was introduced on 19.10 for the extcmd CHANGE_CUSTOM_X_VAR. When we were updating a custom variable with a command, the updated value was always empty string.

Centreon Engine 19.10.8

Bug fixes

Notifications and contiguous fixed downtimes

Between two contiguous downtimes, it was possible to receive notifications of devices that were in critical state whereas they had to be in downtime.

Second notification with state change

When a notification has been sent for a warning state. If the device changes to a critical state, no notification was sent. This is fixed in this version.

First notification delay if no recovery notification configured

When a first notification delay but no recovery notification are configured, the first notification delay is not applied. This is fixed in this release.

Double recovery notification sent on passive services/hosts

When a service come back to OK and is configured to send recovery notifications. It sends two of them instead of one.

Centreon Engine 19.10.7

Bug fixes

Groups update with deleted object

On object deletion, the groups containing these objects were not updated. So on group update (conf reload, not restart) the group keeps in its members a deleted object and can use it.

Centreon Engine 19.10.6

Bug fixes


When a host or a service linked to an escalation was deleted, there was an attempt to remove the host or the service twice. This behaviour led to a cancellation of the new configuration during a reload.

Centreon Engine 19.10.5

Bug fixes

Notifications retention

In case of engine restart, notifications already sent were lost. It may have impacts on normal notifications when it is time to send a recovery notification. After a restart, the recovery notification was never sent.

Centreon Engine 19.10.4

Bug fixes

Custom variable update crash on reload

A bug was introduce in 19.10.2 with a reload on custom_variables services/contacts/hosts update.

Recovery notification didn’t work on escalation [1;0]

If an escalation was defined with a first notification at 1 and a last notification at 0, we want the escalation to start from the first notification, but only one time, the recovery notification was not sent.

Centreon Engine 19.10.3

Bug fixes

Service escalation not well resolved

Service configurations look up failed when service escalations were defined.

Centreon Engine 19.10.2

Bug fixes

Custom variables not resolved

Some custom variables were not resolved. This results in bad or pending checks with wrong commands.

Random host statuses

Some hosts/services were changing status randomly.

Send custom variables to broker

Some broker notifications about customvariables were dropped.

Null string crash

In some cases strings construction could lead to exceptions thrown.

Centreon Engine 19.10.1

Bug fixes

External commands on hosts could crash

In case of an external command about a host but specified by its ip address instead of its name, the external command finished with a segfault.

Centreon Engine 19.10

Bug fixes


The notifications mechanism has been totally rewritten. First notification delay and last recovery notification delay should work as expected.

Pipes in results

Pipes are allowed in the centreon-engine plugin return value.



Migration of the code to C++11. This implies many changes in data structures. Some parts have also been rewritten and optimized.

Cmake cleanup

The build directory is gone away. CMake is used as intended, this solves issues with some ide (like kdevelop)…

Better test coverage

We now have 123 new unit test (+63%). It allow us to have a better code coverage of the code base.