Large Installation Tweaks


Users with large Centreon Engine installations may benefit from the use_large_installation_tweaks configuration option. Enabling this option allows the Centreon Engine daemon to take certain shortcuts which result in lower system load and better performance.


When you enable the use_large_installation_tweaks option in your main Centreon Engine config file, several changes are made to the way the Centreon Engine daemon operates:

  • No Summary Macros In Environment Variables - The summary macros will not be available to you as environment variables. Calculating the values of these macros can be quite time-intensive in large configurations, so they are not available as environment variables when use this option. Summary macros will still be available as regular macros if you pass them to to your scripts as arguments.

  • Different Memory Cleanup - Normally Centreon Engine will free all allocated memory in child processes before they exit. This is probably best practice, but is likely unnecessary in most installations, as most OSes will take care of freeing allocated memory when processes exit. The OS tends to free allocated memory faster than can be done within Centreon Engine itself, so Centreon Engine won’t attempt to free memory in child processes if you enable this option.

  • Checks fork() Less - Normally Centreon Engine will fork() twice when it executes host and service checks. This is done to (1) ensure a high level of resistance against plugins that go awry and segfault and (2) make the OS deal with cleaning up the grandchild process once it exits. The extra fork() is not really necessary, so it is skipped when you enable this option. As a result, Centreon Engine will itself clean up child processes that exit (instead of leaving that job to the OS). This feature should result in significant load savings on your Centreon Engine installation.