Best practice

This documentation provide best practice for Centreon-Engine configuration. Most parameters described in this page ensure that you get an optimal experience with Centreon Engine. The remaining defined parameters are configured to make sure that do not fall in the following cases :

  • high check latency

  • check stop or failure in notifications

  • high monitoring server load

  • “holes” in graphs generated by Centreon Broker

  • Centreon Engine logs show multiple lines with “Max concurrent service checks (x) has been reached”


System time must be perfectly synchronized among all pollers (NTP).

Check options

Disable check options if these options are not necessary.

  • enable_event_handlers=0

  • enable_predictive_host_dependency_checks=0

  • enable_predictive_service_dependency_checks=0

  • check_service_freshness=0

  • check_host_freshness=0

  • enable_flap_detection=0

  • obsess_over_services=0

  • obsess_over_hosts=0

  • soft_state_dependencies=0

  • use_aggressive_host_checking=0


  • use_syslog=0

  • log_notifications=1

  • log_host_retries=1

  • log_service_retries=1

  • log_event_handlers=0

  • log_initial_states=1

  • log_external_commands=1

  • log_passive_checks=0

  • host_check_timeout=12

  • retain_state_information=1

  • retention_update_interval=60

  • use_retained_program_state=1

Broker modules

Enable external command.

  • broker_module=/path/

Enable Centreon-Broker.

  • broker_module=/path/

Check the event broker options.

  • event_broker_options=-1


With Centreon-Broker the perfdata processing need to disable beceause this options is not necessary for Centreon-Broker and make some latency.

  • process_performance_data=0


Enable cached check to incresed performance.

  • host_inter_check_delay_method=s

  • max_host_check_spread=5

  • sleep_time=0.2

  • service_inter_check_delay_method=s

  • max_service_check_spread=5

  • service_interleave_factor_method=s

  • max_concurrent_checks=400

  • auto_reschedule_checks=0

  • use_large_installation_tweaks=1

  • enable_environment_macros=0

  • cached_service_check_horizon=60

  • cached_host_check_horizon=60


Large installation enable some optimization enable it.

  • use_large_installation_tweaks=1

Environment macros have a poor performance disable it.

  • enable_environment_macros=0

Centreon-Engine allow to improve performance without using setpgid (see the documentation!).

  • use_setpgid=0