Best practices & limitations

In a production environment, you might have lot of views & information to share with your final users.

Here are some best practices to have in mind when creating views.*

Content limitations : Try not to have more than ~100 000 elements loaded “at a time”. A loaded element is an element in an opened view. An opened view is a view that at least one user is looking at (using desktop client or through the web interface).

Find below some usefull best practices to help you designing optimized views:

  • We more than highly recommend activating the ACL optimization (gate.useResourcesAccess=false).( More information here )

  • When you want to visualize application statuses, we highly recommend modelling them using Business Activities. This will help you to limit the number of elements you need to add to a view. Adding one Business Activity to a view means only 1 element is added instead of all the hosts & services you would have added in the view to model the application otherwise.

  • Avoid duplicating the same resources (hostgroups, servicegroups, hosts, services) in the same view or in multiple views.

  • If a view seems to contain “too many elements” (see Content limitation above), try to conceptually group several elements in order to split into multiple views.

  • Create views having less than 5 levels (drill down)

  • Do not display more than 100 elements in a single view level. (element: container, host, hostgroup, service, business activity)

  • Do not display more than 10 widgets in a single view level.

How to calculate the number of element?

Here is an example that may help you: Let’s imagine a view opened by a user containing 10 containers, each containing 10 hosts, each host containing 10 services.

Number of elements: 10 containers + 10 containers * (10 host + 10 host * 10 services) = 1110 elements.

1110 elements will be loaded when at least one user opens this view. According to the content limitations, it means you can have 100 views such as this one opened by at least one user.

* These limitations/recommendations are based on a Centreon Map server having 8GB of RAM, 8vCPU (2.6Ghz), Google Chrome (latest version) with a minimum of 5GB of memory on the computer.


You cannot add any objects (e.g., text, gauge, pie chart, graph etc.) to, or modify/copy-paste the contents of, a host, host group, service group or business activity.