Connect to the desktop client

To connect the desktop client to the server you must first create a profile:


Add a profile by clicking on the “+” to the right of the Profile window:

  • Address: Address of the Map Server

  • Login: Your Centreon Web username

  • Password: Password for your Centreon Web username

  • Use SSL: Check here if the Map Server is configured for HTTPS

  • Port: Listening port for the Map Server – it uses 8080 by default and 8443 if you have configured for HTTPS

  • URL: The URL for reaching Map Server. The default value is “/”.

If there is a proxy between your computer and the Map Server or internet, configure it here:

  • Proxies: Address of proxy server

  • Port: Port of proxy server

  • Proxy Login (not mandatory): Proxy server login

  • Proxy Password (not mandatory): Login password for proxy server

  • Use proxy for internet: Check here if a proxy is required to connect to the internet. It will be useful for automatically downloading updates to the desktop client.

  • Use proxy for server: Check here if a proxy is required to reach your Map Server.