Add a view

Empty view

Here is how to create your first view:

Once you are logged in to your desktop client, you will see this screen:


Click on File > Create View or right click on the empty left panel, then “Add”.

A new wizard will appear. Enter a name for the new view (and an optional description).


You can then either click “Finish” to create the view or click “Next” to associate an image to it.

Once done, you will see your new view in the left tab panel.


Now, double click on the view to open it. Your main panel will have a white background and you will be able to start adding elements to it: simply drag and drop resources from your resource panel to the main panel.


You cannot add any objects (e.g., a gauge, pie chart or graph) to, or modify/copy-paste the contents of, a host, host group, service group or business activity.

Congratulations, your have just created your first view.


From a container

When you want to share the sublevel of a view to a different profile without duplicating its contents or assigning full access to the main view, you can create another view that is directly linked to a container.

To do so, right click on the container or inside the target one and click on “Create a view from that container.”


If you rename the view that is linked to the container, the container will automatically be renamed.