Add a geographic background

After (linking your Mapbox account here) you can create a standard view and define a geo background:

  1. Open your desktop client.

  2. Open a view.

  3. Right click on the background of the view and select “Edit.”

  4. Check the “Geographic” checkbox.


Your view will now appear as a geographic background on which you can zoom and move around.

By default, the whole world is displayed. Every time you open the view, the zoom is set to its default value: 1. You can change this setting.

Navigate around your view, zoom and go to the exact point where you would like your view to open by default. Then use the “Set current lat / long / zoom as defaut” button on the top of your desktop client.


Whenever you open this view either through the desktop or the web interface, the geographic view will always appear with the pre-defined zoom level.