Add images

By default, all the images added to Centreon are automatically available to Centreon MAP so that they can be linked to objects and added to views. These images are imported into the “centreon” folder and you cannot add or modify images in that folder. However, if you want to add new media than will only be used in Centreon MAP, follow this procedure:

  • Open the “Media” panel.

  • Create at least one folder.

  • right click on the new folder and then. click on “Import.”


When adding new images to your Centreon platform (not from Centreon MAP) you may click on “Actions > Synchronize Media” so that added or deleted images from Centreon are mirrored to Centreon Map.

The following formats can be used in Centreon MAP:

  • PNG

  • GIF (will only animate on the web interface)

  • JPEG.