Create System command (desktop only)


This feature is only available on the desktop client.

Centreon MAP allows you to launch applications installed on your computer using parameters from your Centreon. Proceed by right clicking on an host in Centreon MAP to start a Putty / SSH session directly, without entering any parameters.

Example for Linux with Terminator

Here is how you would create a SSH command using the binary terminator.

Start by creating a new system command. Go to the Preferences page, under the System commands menu. Then enter the following:

  • Label: SSH

  • Path: terminator

  • Parameters: -e ssh root@%host.address%

    Here, the %host.address% will be automatically replaced by the host address of the element you right click on.

  • Save

Your command is now available for every element on which you right click in the System commands submenu.

Example for Windows with Putty


Advanced configuration

In the parameters, you can use variables from the element you selected and also from your account, such as username and password. To do so, add the variables $user.login$ and $user.password$. This is convenient for validating users over an LDAP with all the servers connected.

You can also set default parameters and request whether the user wants to override them at runtime. To do so, use the following syntax:


The command and arguments will be:

-ssh &user=root&@%host.address%

Every time the command is run, a prompt will be displayed proposing the default value. The user can either press ENTER to validate or override it with another value.