Upgrading from Centreon MAP 3 to Centreon MAP

This chapter describes how to migrate your views from Centreon MAP 3 to Centreon MAP.

You require administrator credentials to perform these tasks on Centreon MAP 3 and Centreon MAP.


Your Centreon MAP server must be up and running before you perform the migration. If this is not the case, refer to the Installation part


After the migration, Centreon MAP 3 will still be available: its configuration and elements are not removed. Both Centreon MAP 3 and Centreon MAP will be fully functional.

What will be migrated

  • Views

  • Elements

  • Various links

  • Shapes.

What will not be migrated

  • Workspace configuration

  • ACLs.

The new ACL system in Centreon MAP is based on ACL groups, whereas the one in Centreon MAP 3 was user-based. Following migration, only Centreon and Centreon MAP administrators will be able to see the views.

Starting the migration

Launch your Centreon MAP desktop client and connect to the Centreon MAP server. On the View panel, right click and then select “Import MAP 3”.

A new window will appear, showing all your Centreon MAP 3 views. Select the one you want to import and click “Finish”.

You can run this import as many times as you want.

Having trouble?

If you encounter any difficulties importing your views, please check this page.