Centreon MAP 19.04.1

May 2019

  • (web) Users that don’t have “creation” privileges can now visualize GeoViews data

  • (web) Users can’t click on a service anymore and enter it

  • (web) Improve views list alignment

  • (web) Improve performance (CPU usage) when looking at GeoViews

  • (web) When status is updated, there is now only one point maintained on the GeoView

  • (web) The URL is now ok when you click on it in a Geoview, in the widget

  • (web) OpenStreetMap now works correctly when used with HTTPs

  • (web) A scroll bar doesn’t appear anymore when widget height is < 505

  • (web) Improve tooltip auto-positionning

  • (server) Improvement of the diagnostic script

  • (desktop) User can’t enter anymore in a business activity

  • (desktop) fix auto-update mechanism

Software compatibility