Centreon MAP 19.04.3

July 2019

  • (web) A typo has been fixed for the desktop client download button

  • (web) The loading of the list of views has been optimized

  • (web) Metrics with “/” character are now correctly displayed in graphs

  • (web) GeoView: An error may appear on clustering of hosts when they’re unreachable

  • (web) GeoView: No data issue fixed when leaving a GeoView (home button or back)

  • (web) GeoView: Host tooltip are now consistent with the standard views

  • (web) GeoView: Improve lisibility of title in configuration modal

  • (desktop) You can now cancel/exit widget/shape/link creation using escape key

  • (desktop) The link to the documentation now correctly redirect the user to the official documentation

  • (server) GeoView: give more rights to admin user

  • (server) Fix incorrect BBDO message

  • (packaging) The apache configuration is now correctly shipped regarding the new version of apache (httpd24)

Software compatibility