Centreon MAP 19.04.9

Nov, 2019

  • A clear message is now displayed when a view is empty

  • Output widget: Manage ‘#’ in metric name (when the metric is surrounded by ‘ ‘, i.e ‘instance4#cpu1’)

  • Output widget: Improve rendering when the value is not returned (display a ‘?’ instead of ‘currentValue@metric_name’)

  • Chart widget: Improve date formatting

  • Chart widget: The chart is now correctly displayed when the legend is overloaded on Centreon side

  • Since 19.04.6, when you created a link or a gauge, the maximum value at that time was persisted in database so your gauge/link wouldn’t update when the maximum value changed. It’s not the case anymore but you have to edit & save your gauge/link again so that persistency in database is removed.