Centreon MAP 4.1.0

Released Dec. 2016.

The version 4.1.0 of Centreon MAP primarily fixes instabilities in previous versions. Due to certain errors and limitations, we adapted our database model and optimized data transfer between all the components so that the desktop client startup time has been reduced and views on the web client load faster.

We have also prepared the Centreon MAP application for the future addition of features and enhancements.

The current document lists the new features, enhancements and fixes in version 4.1.0.

Web Client

New features

  • Icons added to context menu.

  • Gates can be opened in a new tab (with Ctrl + Click).

  • Widget: feedback added when user clicks on Save button.


  • Link added to the “Action URL.”

  • Display of long labels improved.

  • List view adapted to small screens.

  • BA display redirected on Centreon Web.

  • Labels aligned on double link metrics.

  • Support of font properties added for all elements.

  • Unit adapted according to the value (for gauge and output widgets).

  • Metric displayed on line charts is now hidden on the web client.

  • Gates close correctly when leaving the page or changing the view.

  • In geographic views, default latitude / longitude set on the desktop client.

  • Drastically reduced data transfer between the Map server and the web client.

  • Default style on geographic views is now the Geometric style (as on the Desktop Client).


  • Element minimum size changed.

  • Simple metric link display fixed.

  • Label positioning on containers improved.

  • Value correctly displayed on double metric links.

  • Labels can now be aligned on double link metrics.

  • Error removed preventing certain graphs to be displayed.

  • Widget: the Save button now works on geographic views.

  • Monitoring and configuration links corrected (they were reversed).

  • Default latitude / longitude set on Desktop Client applies to geographic views.

  • Hidden metric on line charts are now also hidden on the web client

Desktop Client

New features

  • Contact time zone applies.

  • New Mapbox available: style designer

  • Preference added to disable all pop-ups.

  • Pop-up displays on poller reload / restart.

  • Geoloc: Lists all available styles from Mapbox.

  • Centreon MAP Desktop Client is now available for MacOS.

  • Graphs now loaded on another thread, preventing your client from freezing.

  • You can now override Centreon Web images on elements (this will not affect Centreon Web).

  • The output widget offers more possibilities and filters for displaying data from a service or its metrics.


  • Excessive pop-ups prevented.

  • Default style changed for KPIs and BAs on geolographic views.

  • Data transfert reduced between Map server and desktop client.

  • Media from Centreon Web now appear in the correct subfolders.

  • New graph loading mechanism prevents your client from freezing.


  • Rotation improved.

  • Increased minimum size for wizard.

  • Drag and drop of media functional.

  • Error eliminated when setting opacity on an image.

  • Wheel scrolling disabled on geographic views.

  • Elements can now have a different color.

  • Correct date displayed in the “Delete Downtime” wizard page.

  • Elements now change position correctly when moved.

  • Resources now synchronized correctly (they could disapear from the resource window if their services where changed).

  • On Linux, moving sub-windows out of the main window no longer causes the system to crash.


New features

  • If a user tries to connect twice, the system disconnects the first user.

  • Fully compatible with Centreon Web 2.7.X and Centreon Web 2.8.X.

  • Fully compatible with Centreon Broker 2.X and Centreon Broker 3.X.

  • New findSpecialCharacters script is provided to find invalid characters, which caused the desktop client to crash on login.


  • Deleted pollers do not display.

  • Option added to start tomcat server on boot in configure.sh.


  • Deadlock on login.

  • Some elements could not be loaded if one of them was associated with a deleted resource.