This chapter describes how to upgrade your Centreon MAP server. This is done by upgrading the three main components:

  • Centreon MAP server

  • Centreon MAP web interface & its widget

  • Desktop client (automatically updated).

Before upgrading Centreon MAP server, we highly recommand performing a MySQL dump (backup) of your centreon_studio database. This will allow you easily to roll back to the previous state if necessary.

Be sure to read the release notes for an explanation of features, fixes & custom procedures.


When upgrading from version < 18.10 to a version >= 18.10, you need to:

  • Retrieve a new license from Centreon support.

  • Make sure your Centreon MAP server is based on CentOS/RH 7. You may use the following procedure to migrate your server: Migrating your Centreon MAP server.

If you’re updating to a new major or minor version (i.e:A.B.x with A or B that changes) you need to contact our Support service to retrieve the new repository

Centreon MAP Server


If you are still running version 4.0.X, you must first install and run the server in version 4.1.X before upgrading to the latest version.

Run the following commands to upgrade your Centreon MAP server:

# systemctl stop tomcat
# yum update centreon-map-server
# systemctl start tomcat

Centreon MAP Web interface

# yum update centreon-map-web-client

Complete the upgrade by going to Administration > Extensions:


Don’t forget also to upgrade your widget in Administration > Extensions > Widget.

Centreon MAP Desktop client

If the user’s computer has an online connection, the desktop client is automatically upgraded to the latest version that corresponds to the server. Alternatively, the client can be downloaded through this link: Monitoring > Map | Desktop client.