Best practice for deploymentΒΆ

To deploy procedures in the best way, we strongly advice you to use the multi level inheritance system.

The best practice is to define procedures at template level as much as you can.

Here is an example of an host template configuration tree:

  • Linux > Generic-hosts
  • Windows > Generic-hosts
  • RedHat > Linux
  • Debian > Linux
  • Active-Directory > Windows
  • LDAP > Linux

To setup procedures for the RedHat host template, just proceed as indicated in Link from monitoring front end.

In the template tree we see that the RedHat template inherits from two other templates: Linux and Generic-hosts. In this example all hosts using the RedHat host template will have the new procedure defined attached.

We could setup a procedure at a higher level in the template tree, it will impact more hosts.

For example if we define a procedure for Linux host template, all hosts using RedHat, Debian and LDAP host templates will have the procedure attached by inheritance. Because Linux is the parent template.

Behavior is the same for service templates.


To delete a procedure link for specific host / service / template, edit the object and empty the URL field in Extended Information tab.

If the object inherits from any template of a procedure, the empty value will overload and delete the procedure link.