Displayed procedure: template and overloadΒΆ

To avoid too much workload on the procedure deployment, the functionality allows administrator to setup a single procedure for hosts/services.

So a procedure can be specified for a given host/service but can be specified as well for a host/service template.

If a procedure is defined at template level, all children of the template will have the procedure attached as well unless overloaded by a specific one. The mechanism is identical to template system in Centreon with inheritance.

Centreon Knowledge Base function is designed to avoid adding or updating manually several times the same procedure in knowledge base.

When a user clicks on a host procedure:

  • if a specific procedure is defined for this host, its wiki page is displayed
  • if no specific procedure is defined bu the host template has a procedure, the host template wiki page is displayed
  • if host template has no procedure defined, parents template will be checked for a defined procedure
  • finally if no procedure is defined in the template tree, a message will warn that there is no procedure defined for this host

It’s the same for services.