Centreon is a free Open Source monitoring software, published by the Centreon French society. It measures the availability and performance of the application layers, the user experience to the hardware resources.

Centreon is a powerful tool for the monitoring administrators and operators. It integrates since 2012 his own scheduler engine (Centreon Engine) and Event Manager (Centreon Broker).

Beyond configuration concepts that are the most advanced in the Nagios ecosystem, Centreon provides many features such as consultation of services state of monitored equipment, metrology, reporting, access to monitoring events, users advanced management via access control lists (ACLs), etc.

Additional extensions from the community and Centreon also expand the functions. Found for example a BI tool, the mapping and many API for interacting with Centreon as automated configuration management.

Mature, reliable and innovative Centreon stands out by its ability to offer a platform tailored to the “trade” vision required by the responsible, while structuring and strategic IT core data (availability, ability, maintainability, reliability).

The unlimited distribution and performance of the data collection system are also of the strengths of the software suite. Centreon meets the constraints of scalability, network partitioning, geographically fragmented sites and limited pass-band.