Simple architecture


The simple architecture is to have all oversight entities within the same server, ie:

  • Centreon web interface

  • Databases (MySQL + RRD)

  • Monitoring Engine

  • Broker

This architecture is the simplest a user may encounter.


Many components are used to build this architecture:

  • Apache web server for Centreon web interface

  • MariaDB databases to store Centreon configuration parameters as well as monitoring and performance data

  • A monitoring engine to collect data

  • Collected data are sent to Centreon Broker SQL using cbmod by monitoring engine

  • Centreon Broker SQL allows to store information into MariaDB databases and forward them to Centreon Broker RRD

  • Centreon Broker RRD generates and updates RRD files with data in order to display performance graphs


The diagram below summarizes the architecture: