Centreon is an open source IT monitoring solution by Centreon, a leading Paris-based software company.

Centreon is a fully packaged, easy to install and ready to use solution that includes all required components for the real-time monitoring of any Information System:

  • A generic data collection engine
  • A complete Plugin library to monitor the complete IT infrastructure, from business applications down to network elements
  • A multi-user, ergonomic user interface
  • Advanced user rights management through Access Control Lists (ACL)
  • Comprehensive Alarms and Notifications management
  • Real-time, customized dashboards
  • Availability reports

The Centreon open source solution is the foundation of the Centreon EMS software suite, which adds the following licensed modules:

  • Centreon EPP, for instant monitoring configuration
  • Centreon MAP, to create graphical real-time views
  • Centreon BAM, to correlate key business processes to critical IT components
  • Centreon MBI, to automatically create ITIL-compliant infrastructure management and capacity planning reports

Other modules are developed by the open source community and extend Centreon capabilities.

Centreon is a mature and robust solution that supports a variety of architecture to address scalability, high-availability, resiliency and distributed networks monitoring.

Finally, the Centreon solution includes many tools to integrate into your IT Operations Management production environment:

  • A complete set of APIs to automate monitoring configuration from tools such as Salt, Ansible, Puppet, Chef…
  • Integration with all popular ITSM solution such as ServiceNow, GLPI, Easyvista, iTop, OTRS…
  • Stream connectors to Time-Series DataBase, Big Data or Manager of Managers solutions: Graphite, InfluxDB, Elasticsearch, Splunk, BMC Truesight, ServiceNow Event Management, ...