Centreon CLAPI aims to offer (almost) all the features that are available on the user interface in terms of configuration.


  • Add/Delete/Update objects such as hosts, services, host templates, host groups, contacts etc…

  • Generate configuration files

  • Test configuration files

  • Move configuration files to monitoring pollers

  • Restart monitoring pollers

  • Import and export objects

Basic usage

All actions in Centreon CLAPI will require authentication, so your commands will always start like this:

# cd /usr/share/centreon/bin
# ./centreon -u admin -p centreon [...]

Obviously, the -u option is for the username and the -p option is for the password. The password can be in clear or the encrypted in the database.


If your passwords are encoded with SHA1 in database (MD5 by default), use the -s option:

# ./centreon -u admin -p centreon -s [...]