Monitor Printer equipment with SNMPΒΆ

Go to the Configuration > Plugin Packs menu and install Printer Standard Plugin Pack:


Go to the Configuration > Hosts > Hosts menu and click on Add:


Fill in the following information:

  • The name of the server

  • A description of the server

  • The IP address

  • The SNMP version and community

Click on + Add a new entry button in Templates field, then select the HW-Printer-standard-rfc3805-custom template in the list.

Click on Save.

Your equipment has been added to the monitoring configuration:


Go to Configuration > Services > Services by host menu. A set of indicators has been automatically deployed:


It is now time to deploy the supervision through the dedicated menu.

Then go to the Monitoring > Status Details > Services menu and select All value for the Service Status filter. After a few minutes, the first results of the monitoring appear: