Centreon Web 18.10.6


  • [LDAP] Optimizing data sent when importing contact (#7559)

  • [Traps] Increase trap special command database field (#7610)

  • [Traps] Make @HOSTID@ macro available for trap configuration (#7592)

  • [UI] Enhance helper (tooltip) for mail configuration (#7584)

  • [UI] Translate notification delay parameters (#7696)

  • [Traps] You can create a trap with matching mode regexp (#7679)

Bug fixes

  • [Installation] Missing template directory in tar.gz package

  • [Centcore] Issue fixed with commands that were overwritten (#7650)

  • [Remote Server] Do not compare bugfix version on task import (#7638)

  • [Remote Server] Set task in failed if an error appears during import/export (#7634)

  • [Remote Server] Increase size of database field to store large FQDN (#7637 closes #7615)

  • [Remote Server] Update only properties of selected poller (#7633)

  • [Monitoring] Correctly display services with special character “+” (#7624)

  • [Configuration] Correctly search services by “disabled” state (#7612)

  • [Downtime] Correctly compute downtime duration & end date (#7601)

  • [Event Logs] Several issues fixed on CSV export (group arrows, host filter)

  • [Configuration] Correctly save service_interleave_factor value in Engine configuration form (#7591)

  • [Reporting] Correctly apply ACL on reporting dashboard (#7604)

  • [UI] Add scrollbar to remote server configuration wizard (#7600)

  • [UI] Change icon cursor when exporting graphs to PNG (#7613)

  • [Upgrade] Execute again missing PHP update from 2.8.27 (#7434)

  • [Upgrade] add missing upgrade script for 2.8.28


  • [Onboarding] Improve actual content for Quick Start and add more (#7609)

Security fixes

  • [UI] add escapeshellarg to nagios_bin binary passed to shell_exec (#7694 closes CVE-2019-13024)

Known issue