Centreon 2.5.1


If you are upgrading from Centreon 2.5.0 make sure to read the following.


If you are upgrading from a version prior to 2.5.0, just skip this notice and follow this procedure instead: https://blog.centreon.com/centreon-2-5-0-release/.

As usual, database backups are to be made before going any further.

It does not matter whether you run the commands below before or after the web upgrade; do note that those scripts may take some execution time depending on the size of your log tables.

You are using NDOUtils

If you are using NDOUtils, chances are that you have plenty of duplicate entries in your log table. Follow the procedure in order to re insert the logs:

Copy all the log files from the remote pollers to the local poller in /var/lib/centreon/log/POLLERID/. To know the POLLERID of each of your pollers, execute the following request against the MySQL server (centreon database):

mysql> SELECT id, name FROM nagios_server;

Then, execute the following script:

/path/to/centreon/cron/logAnalyser -a

You are upgrading from Centreon 2.5.0

There was a bug in Centreon 2.5.0 that probably messed up your reporting data, you will have to recover by running these commands:

/path/to/centreon/cron/eventReportBuilder -r

/path/to/centreon/cron/dashboardBuilder -r -s <start_date> -e <end_date>

start_date and end_date must be formatted like this yyyy-mm-dd; they refer to the time period you wish to rebuild your dashboard on.