Centreon 2.6.0


If you are upgrading from a version prior to 2.5.4, make sure to go through all the release notes available here.

What’s new?

Compatibility with PHP 5.4.x

Centreon is now compatible with PHP in version 5.4.x. So, you do not need to downgrade to PHP 5.3.x version when you install it on Debian 6, Ubuntu 13.04, RedHat 7 and CentOS 7.

Centreon proprietary module (Centreon BAM, Centreon BI, Centreon MAP, Centreon KB) is not compatible as yet with this PHP version.

New options for Centreontrapd

It’s now possible with Centreontrapd to :

  • Filter services on same host ;

  • Transform output (to remove pipe for example) ;

  • Skip trap for hosts in downtime ;

  • Add custom code execution ;

  • Put unknown trap in another file.

ACL and configuration modification with admin users

ACL management has been improved to allow for a greater number of simultaneous sysadmin users to work on the same monitoring platform.

The synchronization is more efficient in configuration page between admin and normal users.

Partial rebuild of events information

It’s now possible to partially rebuild events information with eventsRebuild script. You can now use option ‘-s’ when rebuilding and the rebuild will start from this date.

Before, you had to rebuild from the beginning of the related data.

Criticality inheritance

Centreon 2.6 introduces a capability for the dependent services of a host to automatically inherit its configured criticality. It’s also possible to define the levels of global critically of a particular host and dependent services cluster thanks to the use of templates.


Bug fixes

  • #5655: Changing Host Templates doesn’t delete services

  • #5782: Warning daemon_dumps_core variable ignored

  • #5795: ACL and configuration modification with admin users

  • #5868: Generation of services groups isn’t correct for poller

  • #6052: Month_cycle option in recurring downtime is not properly set

  • #6119: Filter doesn’t work on many pages in Administration -> Log

  • #6163: A template should not be able to inherit from itself

  • #6336: Problem with schedule downtime when using different timezones


  • #3239: PHP-5.4 Compatibility

  • #5238: Criticality inheritance

  • #5334, #6114, #6120 : Optimization and customization on Centreontrapd

  • #5952: Add possibility to rebuild partially Events information

  • #6160: New Centreon logo