Centreon Web 2.8.15

Important notice

This version include a fix for the calculation of downtimes with daylight saving time (DST). The downtime end will be calculate with the new hour.

For example, if you put a downtime from 1 AM to 5 AM, the duration of the downtime will be 5 hours if during the DST you get 1 hour more (3 AM come back to 2 AM).


  • [Documentation] Improve api documentation (url) #5792

  • [Downtimes] Manage downtimes with dst (recurrent and realtime) #5780


  • [Install] Fix foreign key upgrade of traps_group table PR #5752

  • [CLAPI] Fix duplicate ldap serverPR #5769

  • [CLAPI] Fix duplicate htpl in stpl #5774

  • [CLAPI] Fix duplicate on stpl #5775

  • [Chart] Add unit on y axis

  • [Chart] Fix extra legend on period change

  • [Chart] Fix export with empty metric

  • [Configuration] Add obsess_over_hosts parameter in main centengine configuration PR #5746

  • [Monitoring] Ranking of ascending / descending guests NOK #5695 PR #5744

  • [Monitoring] fix variable name in centreontrapd.pm