Centreon 2.7.2

Released February 24, 2016

The 2.7.2 release for Centreon Web is now available for download. The full release notes for 2.7.2 follow:


If you are upgrading from a version prior to 2.7.0, make sure to go through all the release notes available here.


Features and Bug Fixes

  • Fix eventlogs pages for performances and right for non admin users

  • Fix Recurent Downtimes behaviour with timezones

  • Fix some broken relations in web interface

  • Fix Reporting pages for non admin users

  • Fix some elements with the generation of the configuration

  • Fix encoding problems

  • Fix filters in configuration pages

  • Fix Poller duplication

  • Fix various ACL problems

  • Fix some SQL queries

  • Fix export of Meta Services

  • Improve ACL on Custom Views

Known Bugs

  • Recurrent downtimes during for more than a day are not working

  • It’s impossible to remove relations between usergroup and custom views

  • With the update some widgets have to be deleted and recreated