Centreon 2.7.5

Released July 06,2016

The 2.7.5 release for Centreon Web is now available for download. The full release notes for 2.7.5 follow.


If you are upgrading from a version prior to 2.7.0, make sure to go through all the release notes available here.


Features and Bug Fixes

  • Fix: Flapping configuration was not exported to Centreon Engine configuration files

  • Fix: Option “test the plugin” didn’t working with special characters

  • Fix: It was possible to select Meta Service or BA in performance page filters

  • Fix: With non admin users, it was impossible to select services in Performances page

  • Fix: Non admin users could not seen services in Reporting page

  • Fix: Number of hosts in Hostgroups was not good for non admin users

  • Fix: Max and Min was not correct for inverted curves

  • Fix: It was impossible to create Virtual metrics with web UI in french language

  • Fix: Exclude Desactivate poller in configuration generation page filter

  • Enh: Add an error message when no pollers are selected in configuration genration page