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Version: ⭐ 23.04

Managing maps in MAP

This topic provides information about how to perform actions on your maps from the Centreon MAP interface. You can create two types of map:

  • Standard maps: to visualize graphical representations of your monitored infrastructure.
  • Geographic views: to display the resources of your IT environment across a defined geographical area.

Options that are available in the MAP interface depend on the permissions assigned to you by your administrator. See the Manage access rights on MAP topic to know more about rights and permissions.

The display of the Add a Map button or Add a new Geographic view button means that you are allowed to create a map and that you belong to an access group that is granted the creator role.

Performing actions on a map​

You can perform actions on each standard map and geographic view you have access to. Use the following procedures if you need to edit the map properties, share or delete a map.

The features to share and to copy a map URL are not available on a geographic view.

Delete a map​

Click the trash button and confirm the deletion by clicking the Delete button.

Edit map properties​

Click the wrench button to edit the map properties and confirm the changes by clicking the Edit button.

Share a map​

Click the share button to edit the access group privileges and confirm the changes by clicking the Save button.


A Copy MAP URL button is available in view mode, allowing you to easily share the map you opened.