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Version: ⭐ 24.04

Migrate a platform with Poller Display module

Migrate your Centreon Central server

If the module centreon-poller-display-central-1.6.x is installed:

  1. Go to Administration > Extensions > Modules and uninstall centreon-poller-display-central.

  2. Remove the associated package:

    yum remove centreon-poller-display-central

Refer to the migration procedure.

If you use the Centreon EMS modules, you must update these repositories. Be sure to contact Centreon support and request new licenses.

Migrate a Poller from Poller Display module to Remote Server

  1. Go to Administration > Extensions > Modules and uninstall the Centreon Poller Display module.

  2. If you installed the module using an RPM package, remove it with the following command:

    yum remove centreon-poller-display

Refer to the migration procedure.

> If you use Centreon EMS modules, you must update the repositories. Be sure to
> contact your Centreon support team and request new licenses.
  1. Go to Administration > Extensions > Modules and install the centreon-license-manager module.

  2. Register the server

To transform the server into a Remote Server and register it to the Centreon Central server, execute the following command:

/usr/share/centreon/bin/ -u <API_ACCOUNT> \


/usr/share/centreon/bin/ -u admin -t remote -h -n remote-1

Replace <IP_TARGET_NODE> with the IP of the Centreon server seen by the Remote Server.

The <API_ACCOUNT> must have access to the configuration API. You can use the default admin account.

If you need to change the HTTP method or the port, you can use the following format for the -h option: HTTPS://<IP_TARGET_NODE>:PORT

Then follow instructions by

  1. Entering your password: please enter your password:
  2. Select the IP address if multiple network interfaces exist:

    Which IP do you want to use as CURRENT NODE IP?
  3. Then validate the information:

    Summary of the informations that will be send:

    Api connection:
    username: admin
    password: ******
    target server:

    Pending Registration Server:
    name: remote-1
    type: remote

    Do you want to register this server with those informations? (y/n)y
  4. Add additional information to enable future communication between your Remote Server and its Central. Provide the required information to convert your platform to a remote server:

    <CURRENT_NODE_ADDRESS>: Please enter your username:
    <CURRENT_NODE_ADDRESS>: Please enter your password:

    <CURRENT_NODE_ADDRESS>: Protocol [http]:
    <CURRENT_NODE_ADDRESS>: Port [80]:
    <CURRENT_NODE_ADDRESS> : centreon root folder [centreon]:
  5. If you use a proxy, please define credentials:

    Are you using a proxy? (y/n)
    enter your proxy Host:
    enter your proxy Port [3128]:
    Are you using a username/password? (y/n)
    enter your username:
    enter your password:

You will receive the validation of the Centreon central server:

2020-10-16T17:19:37+02:00 [INFO]: The CURRENT NODE 'remote: 'remote-1@' has been converted and registered successfully.

Main error messages

2020-10-20T10:23:15+02:00 [ERROR]: Invalid credentials

Your credentials are incorrect for the <API_ACCOUNT>.

2020-10-20T10:24:59+02:00 [ERROR]: Access Denied.

The <API_ACCOUNT> doesn't have access to configuration API.

Failed to connect to; Connection refused

Unable to access the API. Please check <IP_TARGET_NODE>, scheme and port.

2020-10-20T10:39:30+02:00 [ERROR]: Can’t connect to the API using:

The access url is not complete or is invalid. Use the --root option to define the API URL Path. For example: --root monitoring.

2020-10-20T10:42:23+02:00 [ERROR]: No route found for “POST /centreon/api/latest/platform/topology”

Your Centreon target version is invalid. It should be greater than or equal to 21.04.

  1. Add rights for the centreon database user to use the LOAD DATA INFILE command:

    GRANT FILE on *.* to 'centreon'@'localhost';
  2. On the Centreon Central server, edit all pollers and attach them to the Remote Server using the selection list.

Remember to generate the configuration for your Remote Server.

A Centreon Remote Server is self-administered.

Thus, the configuration of the LDAP directory, users and ACLs are specific to this server and must be configured through the Administration menu.