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Version: ⭐ 24.04

Using contact groups

Contact Groups

Contact Groups are used to notify contacts:

  • In the definition of a host or a service
  • In the definition of an escalation of notifications

In addition, the groups of contacts are also used during the definition of an access group.

Consequently, it is necessary to group contacts together in a logical way. Most of the time, they are grouped together according to their roles in the information systems. e.g.: DSI, Windows Administrators, Linux Administrators, Person in charge of the Salary Management application, etc.

Creating a contact group

Go to the Configuration > Users > Contact Groups menu and click Add


  • The Contact Group Name and Alias fields define the name and the description of the contact group.
  • The Linked Contacts list allows us to add contacts to the contact group.
  • The Status and Comment fields are used to enable or disable the group of contacts and to make comments on it.