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Version: ⭐ 24.04


In Centreon, users can:

  • Receive notifications.
  • Log in to the Centreon web interface: each user has their own rights to connect to the web interface.
  • Customize the use of Centreon:
    • Switch to dark mode.
    • Change the user interface language.
    • Reset the password.
    • Define a default page after login.
    • Display the page in full screen mode (F).

Use these procedures to manage users:

Unblock users

The access to Centreon is blocked for a user failing several times to log in (the number of attempts is set by the administrator). As soon as a user is blocked, a new column named Unblock appears in the Configuration > Users > Contacts / Users page, and you can see a red padlock at the blocked user's level.

  1. Click on the red padlock.
  2. Confirm you action.

The user is now unblocked and can connect to Centreon again.