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Version: ⭐ 24.04

Changing your Centreon account's settings

You can optimize the use of Centreon by using the following customization features:

Switch to dark mode​

When you first connect to the interface, Centreon is displayed in light mode by default.

On the banner, click the profile icon and use the switch button to turn on dark mode. Next time you connect to the interface, the mode you previously selected remains on.

  • Light mode:


  • Dark mode:


Change the user interface language​

On the banner, click the profile icon, then click Edit profile:


In the language selection box, choose your language:


Then click Save. Your interface is now translated.

If your language doesn't appear in the available language list, you can help the Centreon community to translate the web interface. For more details go to How to translate Centreon.

Reset your password​

Only local accounts can change their password via the Centreon interface. If you connect using an identity provider, your password is the one you defined with your identity provider.

Reset your password before expiration​

When your password is going to expire in the next 7 days, an orange dot appears in the banner on the right next to the profile icon:


Click Edit profile, then change your password:


Reset your password when expired​

If you have not changed your password before it expires, you will be redirected after login to a dedicated page where you can update it:


Input your current password, define a new one, and then click Reset Password.

Define a default page after login​

You can configure the page that will be displayed by default when you connect to the interface, at the user level or at the contact template level. You can perform this procedure either from the interface or with CLAPI commands.

Using the interface​

Follow this procedure to set a default page:

  1. Go to the Configuration > Users > Contacts/Users page.

  2. Select the user you want and click the Centreon Authentication tab.

  3. In the Default page field, select the page name in the dropdown list. Then save your changes.

Using CLAPI commands​

First, you need the "topology page" number associated with the default page in the interface. In this example, we need the number associated with the Resource Status page.

  1. From your terminal, connect to MariaDB/MySQL and run the following command:

    use centreon;
  2. Obtain the "topology page" number for the Resource Status page:

    SELECT topology_page FROM topology WHERE topology_name = "Resources Status";

    You should receive the following output:

    | topology_page |
    | 200 |
  3. Then follow this procedure to set a default page. Execute these commands with your customized credentials:

  • By editing an existing user (where 200 is the number associated with the Resource Status page):
centreon -u admin -p 'centreon' -o contact -a setparam -v "contact alias;default_page;200"
  • By adding a new user (where 200 is the number associated with the Resource Status page):
centreon -u admin -p 'centreon' -o CONTACT -a ADD -v "user;user;;mypassword;1;1;en_US;local;200"