The Centreon Plugin Packs are a set of standardized templates that are preconfigured for rapid deployment of monitoring in your IT infrastructure.

These templates (commands, hosts and services templates) are attached to the monitoring plugins, which can either be:

  • existing community plugins selected and validated by Centreon as being fully functional and optimized, or
  • plugins written by Centreon that are distributed as free software under RPM or available on Centreon Plugins project

The added value of Plugin Packs is the pre-configuration of monitoring in the Centreon software. During installation, the Packs import pre-configured objects into the Centreon software such as commands, host templates and service templates.

After you install the Plugin Packs, the next step is to install the monitoring plugins used by the Plugin Pack commands. Refer to the documentation in the pack in case any features have to be configured or activated, and then create the required hosts and services based on these models.

Inside a Plugin Pack

A Plugin Pack contains:

  • a description of the pack contents and the indicators that can be monitored.
  • Centreon preset objects (commands, host templates, service templates) packaged and validated.
  • documentation for a simple and quick deployment. It is available once the pack is installed.


The Centreon Plugin Packs subscription gives you access to specific connectors:

Connector Description
JMX Centreon Plugin based on Jolokai to monitor an application server through JMX
NRPE NRPE server, packaged by Centreon, with patches required to comply with Plugins Packs
NSClient++ NSClient++, packaged by Centreon, ready to use with embedded Centreon Plugins
VMWare Perl daemon using VMware SDK to monitor VMware platforms
AS400 Java-based connector allowing you to execute checks on an AS400


For JMX monitoring, the previous Java connector has been deprecated and replaced by a Centreon Plugin based on Jolokai technology. The source code is available as with other Centreon Plugins.

For VMWare monitoring, the previous ESXD connector was available until version 1.5 but has now been deprecated and replaced by Centreon VMWare 2.x. The change of name and version is due to major technical refactoring, and there is no direct upgrade from version 1.5 to 2.0.

Please refer to the associated documentation in each project for more information.