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Version: ⭐ 24.04

Introduction to upgrade

This chapter describes how to upgrade your Centreon monitoring platform, i.e. switching between major versions (for instance, from 21.10 to 24.04).

As of version 23.04, Centreon no longer supports CentOS 7. If your Centreon platform was installed on CentOS 7, you cannot simply upgrade it; you must change to a supported OS using a migration procedure.

This procedure is linked to your initial version of Centreon. You will have to use packages if you already installed using Centreon ISO or an RPM, and source files if you installed from sources. Before upgrading Centreon, remember to make a backup of your system.

If you are using at least one of the BAM, MAP or MBI modules, you must install their new repository to avoid dependency problems. Refer to this page.

If you want to change the OS of the host server, follow the migration procedure. (If you want to migrate a platform that uses Centreon Poller Display 1.6.x, refer to the corresponding migration procedure.)

The upgrade process can start only from versions 2.8.0 and later. If you have an earlier version, please update to the latest 2.8.x version first.