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Microsoft Exchange NSClient++ NRPE


The Monitoring Connector Microsoft Exchange NRPE works with the Centreon NSClient++ monitoring agent to run Powershell code to check the health and performance of Microsoft Exchange Servers

Pack assets​

Monitored objects​

  • From Exchange Server 2k10 to latest

Collected metrics​

Coming soon ...



To monitor an Exchange Server through NRPE, install the Centreon packaged version of the NSClient++ agent. Please follow our official documentation and make sure that the NRPE Server configuration is correct.


Powershell and the Microsoft.Exchange.Management.PowerShell snap-in must be installed on the target Server.


  1. Install the Centreon NRPE Client package on every poller expected to monitor Microsoft Exchange servers:
yum install centreon-nrpe-plugin
  1. On the Centreon Web interface, install the Centreon connecteur de supervision Exchange NRPE from the Configuration > Monitoring Connector Manager page

Host configuration​

  • Log into Centreon and add a new Host through "Configuration > Hosts".
  • Apply the App-Exchange-NRPE-custom template and configure all the mandatory Macros :
XNRPECLIENTNRPE Binary used to perform the check (default: 'check_centreon_nrpe)
XNRPEPORTPort used to reach the NRPE server (default: '5666')
XNRPETIMEOUTTimeout to connect to the NRPE Server (default: '10')
XNRPEEXTRAOPTIONSExtraoptions to use with the NRPE binary (default: '-u -m 8192')

Important information​

  • The Queue monitoring Service only works on Exchange Server running with the hub/transport role.
  • Use this format to define MAILBOX macro at the service level: DOMAIN\\USER
  • You cannot use the | nor ! character in your Centreon Macro definitions. Prefer using NSClient++ API if you need this.