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Centreon Plugin

Install this plugin on each needed poller:

yum install centreon-plugin-Applications-Mail-Bluemind

centreon user for check by ssh

You must create the centreon user on your bluemind server and setup its password with these following commands:

$ useradd -m -s /bin/bash centreon
$ passwd centreon

SSH key exchange

You must make a ssh key exchange between the user centreon-engine of your monitoring poller and centreon user of your Bluemind server with these following commands:

$ su - centreon-engine 
$ ssh-keygen
$ ssh-copy-id centreon@bluemind_server_@IP
$ ssh centreon@centreon@bluemind_server_@IP
$ exit

Install InfluxDB

Install InfluDB metric database on Bluemind web interface.

Configure bm-iptables

You must allow the monitoring poller to access the Bluemind server. Log on Bluemind web interface with Global Admin and go to Security->Firewall settings. Add the ip address of your monitoring poller and click the Save button.

Centreon configuration

Create a Bluemind server

Go to Configuration > Hosts and click Add. Then, fill the form as shown by the following table:

Host nameName of the host
AliasHost description
IPHost IP Address
Monitored fromMonitoring Poller to use
Host Multiple TemplatesApp-Mail-Bluemind-custom

Click the Save button.