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Centreon MBI


Centreon Plugin​

Install the plugin on poller that will monitor Centreon MBI reporting server

yum install centreon-nrpe-plugin centreon-plugin-Operatingsystems-Linux-Snmp


Install NPRE on the Centreon MBI reporting server

yum install centreon-nrpe-daemon

Edit the file /etc/nrpe/centreon-nrpe.cfg and:

  • Add the IP of the poller that monitors the Centreon MBI reporting server on the allowed_host= part.

  • Add the following lines at the end of the file

    command[check_partitions]=/usr/share/centreon-bi/etl/ --partitions
    command[check_db]=/usr/share/centreon-bi/etl/ --db-content
    command[check_jobs]=/usr/share/centreon-bi/etl/ --jobs

Start the deamon:

# service centreon-nrpe start

Be sure to have with you the following information:

  • Read-Only SNMP community
  • IP Address of the monitoring server

Install the SNMP service​

With the root user, install the following package and its dependencies:

root@yourserver#> yum install net-snmp net-snmp-utils

Configure SNMP on your server​

  1. Open the file /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf with your favorite text editor

  2. Modify the following lines (Replace the <SNMPCOMMUNITY>):

    com2sec notConfigUser default <SNMPCOMMUNITY>

  3. Comment all the lines which begin by view:

    view systemview included . view systemview included .

  4. Just after the previous lines, add the following line:

    view systemview included .1

  5. save the file

  6. start the snmp service:

    service snmpd start

  7. Add SNMP to booting services:

    chkconfig --add snmpd; chkconfig --level 2345 snmpd on

Check your SNMP installation​

Try to execute this command:

$ snmpwalk -v 1 -c <SNMPCOMMUNITY> <IPSERVER> .

You should get a response looking like the following:

SNMPv2-MIB::sysDescr.0 = STRING: Linux <SERVER> 2.6.18-128.1.10.el5 #1 SMP Thu May 7 10:39:21 EDT 2009 i686

SNMP Permissions​

You need a SNMP read access on following OIDs:

  • HOST-RESOURCES-MIB: . (cpu, uptime, storage, process)
  • UCD-SNMP-MIB: . (swap, memory, inodes, diskio)
  • IF-MIB: . (traffic)


Read Troubleshooting SNMP;

Centreon Configuration​

Create a new host Centreon-MBI server​

Go to Configuration > Hosts and click Add. Then, fill the form as shown by the following table:

Host nameHostname of the Centreon MBI reporting server
AliasThe host description
IPHost IP Address
Monitored fromMonitoring Poller to use
Host Multiple TemplatesApp-Monitoring-Centreon-MBI-custom

Click on the Save button.


We advice you to also link your reporting server to App-DB-MySQL template. Refer to its monitoring procedure for the configuration.